Sater, Inc. Specializes in NEMA Enclosures and Short Run Custom Metal Fabrication

Sater, Inc. - Short Run Sheet Metal Fabrication
Products NEMA-1 Enclosures NEMA-3 Enclosures 3 Phase Mounting Angles Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sater, Inc. offers production of NEMA-1 and NEMA-3 enclosures. Whether you're looking for stock enclosures, customized enclosures or any related accessories, we have the means, products, and expertise to meet your requirements. We also specialize in short run custom sheet metal fabrication of anything from brackets to plates to cases to covers.

Whatever the fabrication need, our experienced team is ready to take on the challenge and provide you with quality product in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.

Our experienced design and production team will provide you with the best available advice and service for all your short run production needs. Take a look around and see the kind of things we can do for you.